How long does it take to sort out matters?

March 8, 2011

When I first split with my ex it wsnt amicable in any sense of the word and therefore speaking to her to arrange maintenance payments was a no no. I therefore contacted the CSA as I already had a maintenance order for my eldest from a previous relationship. Even though they already had all my details on record they still insisted on me sending them a from and recent wage slips in to work out what I should be paying for my 2 kids. This took nearly 4 monts to give me a figure and a further 3 months to decide to payment. By which time I had accrued arrears that they felt right to take in one lump sum of my wages leaving without any money for the forthcoming month.

As well as this my eldest mother and I decided to a mutual agreement and to not to involve the CSA any more. It took 4 weeks from HER ringing up to request this, several phone calls from myself and my ex to get them to realise what we wanted. Even after all this they have taken almost 1/3 of my income this month. Left me £40 over my minimum wgaes threshold and then sent me a letter stating I should now pay my ex £36 a week, which even by my limited maths would take me below the amount they have to leave me with each month!!!

I have made numerous calls to the CSA and have got no answer. I have sent 2 emails and have receieved no answer.

I am now at the end of my tether with the CSA and am looking on what I can do to make my complaint as well heard as I feel it should be. The service I have received has been shocking and I am a parent who realises and wishes to pay for his kids.


  • Peter Anderson says:

    Write to them, recorded delivery, detailing what has happened and that in view of the complete incompetence you no longer want them involved and have made your own arrangements, and that all money taken must be returned within fourteen days.

    Then book an appointment with you MP and take a copy of the letter with you.

    There is no point in dealing with the CSA by either telephone or email.

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