How is this fair?

May 25, 2014

Hello all im writing this to put my story across as i think im been treated so unfairly.

My husband and myself split over two years ago’ after a seventeen year marriage, we have three children together,shortly after the split our thirteen year old decided to go and live with his Dad.

His new family consists of his new partner, her three children and there child together aged around eighteen months.

For a long time i was paying £44 a week but as he wasn’t working i recieved £5 a week as there child and working tax is not taking into consideration but mine was!!!

For over a year i struggled to pay but had.. on my request a deductions of earning order in place (just seemed sense at the time as i new it would be paid and i don’t like dept)My X however has now got a job however isn’t paying me as he should, hes paying when and if he chooses too by card.

He’s in arreas and i’m getting myself into dept, this month i paid £234 yet haven’t received a penny for the last three weeks, due…. today i recieve the news that for the csa to chase him up, im gonna have to pay!!!!!!!

Could someone please tell me how this is FAIR!!!! oh and to make matters worse ive been told i cant cancel my deductions of earnings order that i agreed to!!! HELP!


  • Marie Owen says:

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