How is this child support?

March 21, 2013

So, a father who pays directly to his child and takes the child out can no longer do so cos the csa says he must pay them directly. They then keep this money cos the mother isn’t working. So the child now gets no actual support and doesnt see his father anymore cos the father can no longer afford to take the child out. HOW IS THAT CHILD SUPPORT??
Then the father gives up his job and goes onto benefits cos his child is not getting the money cos the government keep it,which means he is effectively being taxed twice. So the father is now on benefits instead of contributing to the system through his income tax.
And why is it that CHILDREN ARE BEING SINGLED OUT AS NOT BEING ALLOWED TO BE SUPPORTED BY THE SYSTEM when fathers have been contributing to that system through the income tax they pay? Why is it that MPs high pay and expenses, the Olympics,the banks, helping other countries, etc, ARE ENTITLED TO BE FUNDED BY THE SYSTEM THAT THE FATHERS ARE PAYING INTO BY THEIR INCOME TAX PAYMENTS BUT SUPPORT OF CHILDREN ISN’T???
Does the United Nations know about this war by the government on its own men and children??
North Korea and China, etc have got nothing on Britain when it comes to OPPRESSION AND HUMAN RIGHTS!


  • wilf says:

    Egbert:- Your bit out of date. Since April 2010 all monies collected by the CSA goes to the PWC.

  • Jason says:

    Spot on fella….There are 10 of thoundands of us, possibly more. Corruption of the highest order. Untouchable. I am sure there is a human rights issue in there somewhere. And correct…it’s only in the UK!

  • gonk says:

    BRILLIANT post and 110% spot on mate
    I too am in the same boat..The csa is not designed to help the kids…its name is just a smoke screen,it only serves the treasury and yes its just another tax of hard working fathers whom had the misery of a break up of his family and a government exploiting that misery….f****ing filth of the deepest shithole in the world is the csa

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