How is the money gained from being a landlord not counted as income?

November 5, 2014

Is an rental income taken into account when calculating payments? I receive csa payments from my ex husband for our two children.

He has since rented out his house for £1200 per month and the csa refuse to add this payment to his monthly income amount saying it is not an income??

However he must declare this rental income to the inland revenue and pay tax on it?? I’m confused??


  • Abbie 0511 says:

    Wow.. Thought this was a place to come for advise not judgement!
    For your information I do work full time and support our 2 daughter full time after he chose to only see them 6 hours per week. To enable me to do this I pay for before and after school care which I have never asked him to contribute to. I have 5 weeks holiday per year, the children have 12 weeks holiday from school so a deficit of 7 weeks which o have also never asked him to contribute to. I pay private rent for our house as after he shafted me I can’t afford to save for a mortgage and on top of this as the obvious living costs. He chose to rent out his house and move into a 2 bed flat.
    He on the other hand chose to rent out the house he owns for twice the amout of the mortgage payments and also works full time. My question was how can the £1200 he gains per month in rent not be added as income when in the eyes of the government it is.

  • David WP says:

    Not sure how a judgement can be made without knowing the full story but there you go.

    Anyway, maybe he has reduced the mortgage term so that the monthly payment is closer to the mortgage payment and after expenses he has no or very little income. He will need to declare to the HMRC if he is so if you are due anything it will be added to your payments.

  • Abbie 0511 says:

    Thank you David, we aren’t all cut from the same cloth.

    I guess I will have to wait until January when his payments are recalculated. My only worry is he is self employed so I guess it is just dependant on what he is declaring.

  • Cheryl says:

    Ok, yes you say you work but I bet you claim umpteen benefits on top. I am dubious that you pay all your rent too, as you probably get help for that! If he is making a few quid then good on him! This is coming from a woman by the way!!!

  • Abbie 0511 says:

    No, I claim no benefits other that child benefit.

  • jsmith says:

    Are the ex-husband’s mortgage payments taken into account when calculating your CSA payments?

  • gonk says:

    you money grabbing pond dwelling life scum bag. All aboutwhat you can get from the ex, you filth. ever thought he has to let to live because of what he pays out to filth like you grrrrrrrrrrrr….If he won the lottery…you expect a huge slice of that as well…you vermin. Hell, I wish I won the lotto, a few million, id make sure my ex knew and id rub it in, pay her NO LESS CM AND CERTINLY NOT A PENNY MORE.

  • Abbie 0511 says:

    No it’s not about what I can get, the csa money is to help with the costs incurred in raising his children full time! Given the choice is much prefer him take car of the girls 50% of the time being an fully involved active dad and not have a penny off him.
    Non of this is about greed and with views like that I feel very sorry for your children

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