How is it fair that I must pay CSA and the mortgage?

December 7, 2014

My ex has just out through an application for csa in which I don’t see as fair.

I’m currently paying for the whole amount on the mortgage on my house that she is living in with the children while I’ve been forced to live with my parents. So it looks like I will have to pay £390 on maintenance and just over £600 on the mortgage.

That’s nearly £1k a month. And at the same time I have to pay my own living costs, £1k on her solicitors costs for a divorce and a £2k bill from my solicitor. Don’t see how this is fair or what I can do?


  • Lisa says:

    You either pay Csa or the mortgage you are not legally obliged to pay both! Ask Csa for variation on payments and explain your paying the mortgage, personally I would pay her the Csa payments and make her pay the mortgage herself seeing as she is being greedy, the law states you pay one or the other not both

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