How is how I’ve been treated humane?

September 13, 2014

I divorced in 2002 with a Private Agreement for Joint Custody for my (3) Children.After (5) yrS the PWC decided Main Custody and Claimed CSA against myself.

From 2007-Present Day I have only had contact with my Three Children on approx 4 occasions . A total of £30,000 in CSA not to see my Children – How is this Legal or Humane???

I have just recently started contact with my Son after (5)Five years . Hardly surprising due to severe Behavioural Problems and Seperation from his Natural Mother he Violently Assaulted me to the point I believed I was dead! Why is CSA allowed to ruin Families Lives??

My son is presently being evaluated in a Mental Health Hospital – Not his fault but a selfish PWC who has denied me access to my own Children, this should never have been allowed.

1. We had a Private Agreement the PWC agreed 50/50 Custody and was supposed to pay me Maintenance which he reneged on and he Claimed CSA against myself .

2. If a PWC has CSA -Child Benefit-Tax Credit then if they have CSA access to your own Children should be arranged to maintain health/care and welfare of the child.

3. My Child is in a Hospital as he violently assaulted me and now I am still paying the PWC how is that legal or Fair??


  • Lisa says:

    Questions Answered- Jill – As a low Pay worker Yes I do work I could not Afford the 7,000 to Fight for access for my Children unlike the PWC on £50,000 a year!
    Concern for my Child is Paying a Ex Husband 452 Per month on My Small Salary I do not have the £100 a week trip to see my son the other end of the UK – But if you wish to donate I would be obliged then I would be able to see my son-
    Power of Doubt I am a Woman being F over so it is just not the Male Species that get S Over by this Horrible Agency who Quote a Text Book of Law! Welfare of a Child does not come in to it .

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