How has it worked out that I owe them money?

November 5, 2013

I have a son to a one night stand a son I have never seen that CSA will not give me contact details of….up until 2009 I was in full time employment regularly paying for my child through the CSA Directly from my M.O.D Wages…

In Dec of 2009 I Became unemployed and was given a £5 a week assessment from the ESA I was given until this Award Stopped in April 2013 since then I have not been in reciept of any benefits but am still not employed living on my partners income. I was told in the May 2013 that my Assessment was Nil then i was contacted by CSA on 26th Sept 2013 by letter stating they were aware of a change in my circumstances and i should contact them which I promptly did…I was told I was in arrears and they had no record of my nil assessment from May….on the 28th Sept 2013 I recieved a letter stating Nil assessment …Sorted!!!…Or so I thought.

on 28th I recieved a phone call from the CSA saying I had overpayed by £10 and they wanted my bank details to deposit the £10…with it being a random phonecall i refused to give my bank details and told them to write to me then I would send my details but i did not understand if the money was coming from my Benefits direct i could not be owed anything..But once i recieved the letter I rang them and gave them said details….End Of Story?

Oh no they have rang me today saying the y do not owe me £10 they were wrong I owe them £240+ from 2012….How can this be with me being on benefits from 2009 – 2012 then a nil assessment?….can anyone assist?…Paul Cooper


  • Woody says:

    Hi paul,
    In my experience they make up most if not all of these so called missed payments from one or more years back.
    They still say i owe over £500? How when i’ve always paid? I even have statements of account that i have never missed a payment.
    Basically they are trying to rob you, they are fraudulantly putting you behind in payments, the reason for this i have no idea unless its to fiddle their targets, for their bonuses and to make it look as though they are chasing nrp’s who are behind in supporting their children.
    Go see you mp, with account statements to prove you have always paid, tell your mp that they are committing fraud against you and to many many more nrps.
    Also that what they are doing is fraud and theft, and using intimidating and threatening behaviour towards you.
    We need to stand together and force our mps to investigate these scumbags, the hopefully things will change.
    I bet you are on csa 1? It seems that us poor buggers on csa 1 are an easy target, the calculations are that complex they can make it look like you owe £1000’s if they want to.
    Fight them!

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