How has he got away with paying nothing?

October 18, 2013

my ex husband ha never paid a penny since i made claim 2006 i split him 2002 ,csa wrote told me on 21st june 2013 that he does not have to pay csa as earns less than £5 a week,he has just remarried on 12th october 2013 i was told my claim was not looked at till 2012. I am owed for all my kids yet not recieved a penny.

I have worked 16 hours a week and struggled with the ups and downs of tax credits, paid off debts and still in debt. twicw nearly got evicted from my council flat because of him.

he has been laughing in my face yet when we split up he had 37 thousand in his bank i have the proof,i am disgusted way hehas got away with no payments since my claim 2006


  • Lisa says:

    This is money for your kids not yours, maybe this is why you don’t get anything because your post sounds bitter and all about you

  • gonk says:

    whys it his fault you nearly were evicted from your flat that was probably paid for by me the tax payer anyway.
    your ex owes you fuck all,typical women like you who think ex’s owe them a living.
    get off your arse and work a 40hr week and keep the kids yourself. He should be helping you indeed but you sound like one of those who thinks its your right to have an ex keep you. No sympathy from me..I say good luck to him and stay well clear of the csa vermin

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