How far does it have to go before they put an attachment on his wages?

July 14, 2013

My nearly X husband is refusing to pay for our children all 4 of them i have the children every night of the week, he has them a Saturday and Sunday through the day he is already in arreas i have tried to come to a mutual arrangement i.e him having his children over night 1 or 2 times a week.. To know avail.

im wondering how far it has to go before the csa will put an attachment on to his wages?

Any advice will be geatly appreciated thankyou in advance


  • Adrian says:

    Basically the people. Or should I say scum at the csa don’t even know what there doing. They will probably build arrears up so far then hit him for 40% by aoe. At which point he will more than likely quit his job to avoid paying. The csa are useless in every way. They not only destroy the pwc. But they also destroy the nrp too. This corrupt agency should be shut down. It’s all about the money and them justifying there jobs.

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