How far can the CSA date claims back?

July 28, 2014

I Informed the CSA (which they acknowledge) that I stopped working in May 2012. There were a further three changes of circumstances; change of address,one of my sons leaving full time education and me getting back in work.

Nothing was actioned and I did not here from them again what so ever until Feb 13 when they claimed I owed £4000.

They have now calculated my arrears, backdating all the change of circumstance. In a surprise move (even for this jaded customer of 16 years) they then closed my case altogether!

Despite not knowing how i’m going to pay, are there any time limits that the CSA can back date to? I suspect if they take 18 months to rectify their own errors, this is probably my problem.


  • Bill says:

    They will backdate changes to the date they were first informed of the change.
    If you were in receipt of benefits they will backdate to when they started or ceased.
    If they find you have commenced employment without informing them they may backdate to when you started work.
    If removing a QC from a claim or closing a case they will backdate to when child benefit ceased.
    There is no limitation on how far back they can claim arrears from.

  • Lisa says:

    They can only backdate to the date of the change which will be on there system, I would suggest making a complaint about maladministration, because this is what it is, case wankers are notorious for creating arrears at the hands of dads who have done the right thing,

  • Billy Ray says:

    Thanks for the replies; I originally posted this back in September. Since then, the CSA opened a brand new case for my one remaining child in education, which I have paid without fail. In fact I make my last payment next month as I am very proud to report that my son starts his first job.

    I however still supposedly owe somewhere in the region of £4000, although it has all once again gone quite since I registered a complaint (ICE) about the complete mismanagement of my case. I asked for an explanation of the arrears back in November. To date I have heard absolutely nothing.

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