How does the CSA get away with it?

December 29, 2012

I have 1 child that i have asked the csa to get maintance of my ex partner . He was paying off and on . I kepted phoning them but all i got told was was when he paid them they will pay me .Then i as the weeks pasted i still never recieved payments . I got that worked up about the problem i had a break down . How can the Csa say i should be recieving payments soon and i never did. So i phoned again and asked to speak to a manegerto sort this problem out for me .

In the end they got a attachment of earnings on my ex partner . But, still i’m still waiting for septembers payments but i haven’t recieved the payments apart from the 17th september 2012 . How can the CSA get away with doing this to single mums that need that money .

I’m so sick and tried of phoning them and speaking to different people i have asked them to phone me to sort this problem out and yet again they just say when he pays us we will pay you .

But that isn’t how it works. They said i should get £98 a fornight and still nothing . How can they get away with it .


  • Alice says:

    Sadly that is the way it works, the CSA are not the benefits agency, they cannot pay money out to a PWC if the money is not paid to them by the NRP, or in a case where a Deduction of Earnings Order is in place by the NRP’s employer. If the employer is not paying the money the CSA need to contact them and find out why – there may be several reasons for this, if the NRP has left their employment there will be no earnings to deduct from, if he has been off sick and his wages were lower they may not be able to deduct the full amount, – if on the other hand the employer is just not paying it to the agency they are at fault and the agency will need to issue a warning letter informing them that they should be sending in the deductions taken from the NRP’s wages (the employer has until the 19th of the month following the deductions being taken to send it to the csa – so any money taken in sept needs to be with the agency by 19 oct etc) if the employer does not send in the payments they can be reported to the Criminal compliance team for further action – if they still do not pay then they can be fined or prosecuted.

  • chall says:


    As Alice has already stated, an employer has until the 19th of the following month, after the deduction has been made to pay it to the CSA.

    It may be worth asking the CSA for a complete account breakdown (showing payments due, received and paid out). You will then be able to see what arrears (if any) are outstanding your case, when payments have been made to the CSA and when the CSA have made payments to you.


  • Gamecock says:

    Alternately it may be worthwhile making a few inquiries just in case the thieving Clair Jones has been re-employed.

  • brett says:

    Now Gamecock,your comment brought a big smile to my face. Ive seen her photo. What a beauty she looks.

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