How does the CSA deal with zero hour contracts?

May 10, 2014

I would like to hear of any NRP experiences with zero hour contracts. How the hell do you know what you are paying if you don’t know what you shifts you are doing from week to week.

They seem to struggle on what amounts you should be paying if your wage doesn’t bloody fluctuate!


  • Woody says:

    They screw you as per usual, they will assess you on your highest wage/hours.

  • Cheryl says:

    Really, so if you got 40hrs a week and then only 10hrs for the next 5 week, they would take the 40hrs worth of money.

    It’s no good for a NRP to take a zero hour contract job then, but sadly the dole might force you. I am speaking hypothecally for an NRP that has been in his job 25 years and may be losing it soon. Sadly the zero hour contracts seem to be the only things available.

    Also on that, what happens with redundancy and the CSA if he can’t find more employment? He is on the 2003 C**t support Allowance!

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