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How does the CSA approach rental income?

How do the csa calculate payments on a small rental income i have? Can someone advise?

Basically after mortgage payments and other costs my profit from my property is £1200 per annum after paying tax this comes down to £800 of actual income.. How do the csa approach this? They are currently assessing this as my ex wife has recently found out about my huge additional income and they are now pushing a reassessment.

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  1. hi,

    i can imagine the system is unfair for dads let alone one night stand or spergluers. Anyways the best way is transfer your assets to someone you trust brother sister mother wife. Then income is theres and not yours. Or make an arrangment agreement with one of the family that they take the property for 300-400 flat and will maintain it sign agreements with them and then they can rent it out etc and its there rent !
    If you have the ability tell CMS your leaving the country ! after this and then do a P85D with HMRC inform CMS the will confirm closure of case and then don’t pay nothing visit as often as you want your children never disclose your new country or residence to the witch !! she can’t stop you from seeing children ever because “BY LAW SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS” if you want to warn her dont say about property but say i am fed up i will stop and i will leave country you will not get nothing either you abide by our agreement mutually or if i go away kids loose me as well and you the money of course will be “0” you want this or something now agree or i will take action. All this you need to do in VOICE CALL as even if recorded it can’t hold up in court or ask a friend to talk this on your behalf and still is good ! HOPE This helps when the system leaves you no way then you fuck the system ! i believe the system is not set for moms its set for gold diggers ! Poor honest people get fucked left right and centre !!!!!! and yes there is plenty of work in middle east try that ! tax free cms free ! hope this helps you

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