How do you complain to the CSA?

August 6, 2015

Looking for some advice on how to overcome the incompetence of the CSA system, operators and my partners children’s father.

Recently the weekly payments have reduced dramatically and a phrase added to the bank statement from the father gloating.

What I don’t get is how they can communicate with the excuse of a father but not the mother who cares for the children on a daily basis.

When asking what the complaints procedure is she is met with blockers like you have to speak to someone in your team but I can’t put you through.

Has anyone had success with the complaints procedure or have any tips.

Briefly the £3K arrears have been written off. And the weekly payment slashed by 65%.

The father is a actor, record breaking author, owns a publishing company and a printing company.

Any help / advice will be gratefully accepted.


  • Mark says:

    Hi Ben,
    If I didn’t feed, cloth, entertain, take and pick them up from school, support their hobbies and clubs, help with their education keep them secure and safe his kids amongst other things I might agree with you but as I do, do all of the above as well as support the children’s mother through her dealings with the CSA on this occasion I will disagree.
    His payments reduce because he will not declare his full earnings and each year we have to go through the process of asking the CSA to investigate further.
    Another incorrect statement you make is that I have spoken with the CSA about the case and with their management so they have been happy to talk to me, maybe they feel differently to you.
    Unfortunately nothing in your response will be of help to us but thank you for taking the time anyway.

  • Mark says:

    Thank you Louise, we are intending to do just that.
    Thank you for giving us confidence we are doing the right thing.

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