How do the CSA Variance rules work?

August 22, 2011

I have a 6 year old son who i see regularly i have always paid above required amounts.

I have always paid for all contact costs as she moved 160 miles away. Her response: if you want to see your son you pay. I have my son every other weekend and school holidays. My point of contention is this: I have a variation for the nights she says he spends with me, not the real figure of course but we know who the csa beleive.

Variance rules are i can get help with exessive travel costs which are well over 200 a month, then the csa say i cannot as i have my son overnight. How do they think he gets here by magic and i cannot change variances? Soon i will not be able to have any quality of time with my son as i will not be able to have him at his/my home how is this good for him.

As usual pwc=not caring csa= scamming home wrecking thieves.

Any advice much appreciated.


  • Anu says:

    Yeah same thing happened to me as well, they told me that if I can’t afford travelling costs I shouldn’t see my daughter twice in a month, CSa total joke, only cares about giving the money to other side and not about children. Very frustrating as he is on benefits, all of it, housing counsil …. I need to be on benefits too, I understand why people in England are in benefits and don’t wanna get out of it, I need to have a salary about £1500 to live like a person who is on benefits. So I can stop sharing the house I am in and live n my own. Don’t worry about rent, counsil tax. Plus more the children better if you get them to give maintainence as well how nice 🙂 why to get stressed at work everyday. 🙂 so you look after healthy people sitting at home enjoying your hard owned salaries %25 of it 🙂 oh nice. Maybe after all csa is not the only joke in this country

  • I have a shared care arrangement -sealed order by the court. We have two daughters , and I pay above and beyond whats required when they are with me , which is a night in the week , every other weekend and 50% of all holidays.However , I agreed as part of this arrangement , that my ex could keep the child benefit and family tax credits , she applied to the csa , and as i am on benefits and in receipt of a insurance policy pay out, the assesment was nil , she appealed this , under the variance rules and it was upheld , and now i have to pay £45 per week !, – i now have to appeal the appeal , to get it back to the nil assesment , that the csa did originally. If i apply for the child benefit , then I can apply for the CSA payments! =the whole thing is a joke , and i am getting stressed out by the situation -any advice please?

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