How do I know if the child is mine?

February 7, 2011

Hi there, in Dec08 my partner decided to leave me whilst 6 months pregnant and informed me the baby was not mine. I found out the baby was born in March 09 with her ex partners surname.

I sought legal advice to get dna tests done, but my ex moved and this didnt happen. In August09 the CSA contacted me requesting money for my supposed child.

Money has been taken since and only now after visiting the MP have they sent out forms to carry out DNA tests for proof. If my ex decides to carry out these dna tests and i really do have a child with this lovely woman who just upped and left me, how do i go about finding her and seeing this child. Will CSA help or do i have to get investigator and solicitors which i cannot afford ???

If the child is mine i really want to see her, i already have shared custody of my 8 year old son, which cost me over £10,000 in solicitor fees which im still paying for. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • zolani says:

    my girlfriend is pregnant, but i do not believe that the baby is mine because she was not only in love with me. she says the child is mine, whereas my family and i do not believe on that. she fell pre in Dec. i was always drank in Dec. so do u think a drunken sperm cell can impregnate a woman? despite, i got what they call…cryptochidism i guess. do you think that kid is mine?

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