How do I have arrears when I have never missed a payment?

October 17, 2012

Where do I start?? I have had nothing but trouble since I started paying CSA back in 2005. I have always paid everything that has been asked of me through providing evidence of my earnings and how our shared care works etc and how the CSA calculate.

I have now recieved a letter explaining that I owe over £2600 and they will start taking the money in November for arrears and start by taking over £430!! Now, a) how do I owe arrears when I have never missed a payment? b) they haven’t taken into consideration my 2 other children who live with me c) Nothing in the calculations about shared care? and d) if I do owe arrears then why do they send me a cheque EVERY month for £1.38 as I actually OVERPAY!!!

On challenging this they say it will take up to 12 weeks and they payments wil come out of the bank and I would have to try and claim it back. If this money comes out I wont have money in to pay my mortgage.

I am absolutely worried sick and it took nearly 3 years to claim back wrong payments in the past. (Oh yeah, this isn’t the first time I have had issues with them). I dont understand how they can get away with this, where do I go to be able to stop them taking this money and how the hell does it take 12 weeks to gather evidence and re-calculate? I can provide my evidence and Im sure my ex will do the same.

These are people supposed to be looking out for the good of the child and all this is doing is stopping me seeing my child as she lives over 100 miles away from me and now I cant afford to travel. Please can anybody help, Im at a complete loss.


  • Kay says:

    Please go to your MP, they will help you and suggest that you take your issues to the Independent Case Examiner (ICE) and the possibly onto the Parliamentary Ombudsman. The CSA are snakes, keep all your paperwork that shows you have made payemnts, (wageslips, bank statements keep paper copies , the CSa try to decide my boyfriend has arrears from ten years, he had made all required payments, luckily my boyfriend has all his paperwork and he can prove he made payments but we still have to fight them to prove it. Good luck and contact your Member of Parliament – they are there to represent you!

  • wilf says:

    Andy, How do you manage the shared care when your child lives over a hundred miles away?
    When did you inform the CSA about the children in your household?
    Have your arrears accrued from a delayed reassessment or suspended arrears from earlier?
    Do you pay by direct debit or deduction from your earnings?

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