How do I get the CSA to investigate my ex-wife’s claim?

January 18, 2014

Hello, My daughter is at University and doing a 2 year foundation degree in Applied Music Practice. She gets the student loans every 3 month or so (last one om 6th jan 2014. That will be her second payment as she got the first sometime in september. The CSA have been told countless times but only contacted the ex wife once (13/01/14) to ask what course my daughter was doing. Her reply was A level!! The campus that she attends doesn`t even do A level in Music.

I contacted the college that she attends through the university and was put through to the finance department. I asked if a child was attending the same degree course would the parent be entitled to child benefit. The gentleman i spoke too asked for my daughters date of birth and full name. He checked the computer and said that her mother was not entitled to it!!! I have this conversation recorded!!!! Now she is still claiming child benefit and whatever else she can get her hands on no doubt. I`ve contacted the child benefit fraud hotline and nothing has come back. The CSA say that they can only go off what the child benefit say!

What can i do?? How do i get the CSA to investigate? They only need to ask the question to the university and they should confirm.. If not i have to pay 350 a month til god knows when. And dont know if i`ll get all the payments back.
Please help…


  • Bill says:

    The CSA will not investigate!
    You will have to rely on the Benefits Agency to determine which date the Child Benefit should cease. The CSA will use that date for case closure.

  • jed says:

    Hello, my daughter will not help no! She says she doesn’t want anything to do with it. But when asked for money to borrow I told her to get it out of the money her mother gets off me thru the csa.. The reply was “well thats for bills”
    I had a missed call off the csa on tuesday and rang back. Explained the matter all over again. I was told that I have alot of evidence and the dwp should stop it but I’ve got to keep getting on to them everyday before something is resolved.
    Also I best get my money back. I was taken to court by the csa for alledged non-payment. I just couldn’t prove I had paid her cash. So if I have to take it to court I will.

  • jo says:

    Please keep on at the child benefit fraud department giving all the info and then see your mp, your ex is committing fraud and when investigations have been done you should get a date of closure….dont bank on a back payment as csa will have an excuse for that one! This type of fraud is only the tip of the iceberg….I don’t know why child benefit don’t ask for supporting evidence from the pwc when a qualifying child leaves education or nrps made out to be liars!

    Don’t give up. Good luck

  • jed says:

    Hi, I’ve been onto my local mp twice now and both times they have contacted the csa and not child benefit. They’re not exactly helping.

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