How do I get my violent ex to pay for his daughter?

May 19, 2012

I have a 4 year old daughter Abbie Dudgeon. I left her father when she was a baby as he was abusive. He has since the day I left been very difficult and abusive and refuses point blank to help financially. I am in a great deal of debt because of him which he refuses help out with also. He has an older son which he never paid for with a previous partner and now has a baby son with a new partner whom he’s now married.

They have 5 kids between them and seem to be living a lifestyle in which they are comfortably off . She’s never worked but he works full time but won’t tell me where he works as he keeps telling me I’m not getting a penny. I asked at christmas time if he was ever going to help financially to which resulted in him attacking me and burst my lip he got convicted for this.

I would like to know how I go about getting mantinence as I’m fighting a losing battle alone.



  • Roxanne Dupont says:

    You have to claim for child support during the child custody in which the parent who are working give child pay, as you have not claimed this during your divorce procedure now you can consult the lawyer to claim child pay for your daughter from her father. It involves some legal procedure and decision on child pay is based on the financial condition of both parents and support required for proper growth of the child. To get the detail information about this visit and contact the family lawyer.

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