How could there have been any misunderstanding?

May 21, 2014

I made a claim in December 2012 to receive csa off my child’s farther he was working but not answering letters or phone calls the CSA were sending him.

When I got I touch with them end of December they told me that they had been intouch with his employer and have received his earnings but were waiting on more info.

I got a letter to say how much they would be taking from his wages which was 17 pound a week so I rang in February an CSA sad it will be back dated and I should be receiving payments in march this still Never happend.

So I rang again an they said that there was a miss understanding that they didn’t knw if I wanted to get direct payments from himself and now he is claiming J.s.a so it will only be backdated from febuarry.

I don’t understand how there could be a miss understanding of how it could be paid as the CSA couldn’t get intouch with him so they went thru his employer and asked for my bank details an then I got told I will be receiving payments in march now am not going to get it backdated?

Obviously if they were going thru his employer I would be getting the payments from them.

An only be receiving 5 pound a week am a bit upset as I have been told different things and missed out on 4 months payments now that his farther is on j.s.a am not going to get what my child was entitied to.