How can we stop the CSA in its tracks?

September 18, 2012

Divide and conquer – motto of the uk civil service for many years?

There are so many sites dealing with problems with the csa. Some are genuine and people try and help others using their own experience. Some contributors may be ‘planted’ by the csa in order to confuse people. Perhaps these various sites should stop fighting each other (which is what the csa/DWP/civil service want you to do) and start working together.

It will be hard but there must be a way, our own mini ‘arab spring’ to stop the vile csa in its tracks and really help parents, both PWC and NRP in a fair manner. All the groups/sites that exist probably know each other through forums like this so how about it? Even a internet meeting between a rep from each group would be a start and you should be able to ‘weed’ out any interlopers from the csa.

Just a thought but we should be suing the uk government or taking a case to echr not ‘bashing’ each other.


  • John says:

    I know that it’s not on the same scale, but those relatives fighting for justice over Hillsborough, are about to get some justice after 23 years. So, I haven’t given up hope!

    Those involved in the creation of the monstrosity known as the CSA, and those who continue to persecute nrp’s, through maladministration and incompetence, will have questions to answer at some stage, I hope.

    Various sites have various ideas, of how to challenge the CSA. Being denied the right to be tried by a jury of your peers is just one grievance, whilst the CSA ‘railroad’ their way into the nrp’s private life and finances on the pretext of doing good for children? They are doing more harm than good!

    People over-paying, people under paying and people not paying at all! How is this a fair and proper system? people paying on three different levels, CSA 1, CSA 2, CSA 3, must surely breach human rights!

    £3.8 billion pounds uncollected, whilst the ‘easy targets’ are repeatedly targeted! How is this fair?

    I am keeping all of my correspondence and evidence of their wrong doing, and when they are eventually ‘stopped in their tracks’, I will be seeking retribution and compensation!

  • j says:

    John on September 18th, 2012

    Hi, your comment well put and makes sense. My own case the csa started taking an amount but each week it went up until I was better off on jobseekers allowance so I gave up my job. In an employment situation it amounted to constructive dismissal. Magistrates are not allowed to consider the facts of a case and have to rubber stamp csa decisions – denial of a fair trial. The fact that second families (and their children) are so adversely affected – denial of quiet enjoyment of family life. Maybe I’m missing something but I’m sure a case can be made for the uk government to be taken to ECHR? What is a surprise is the apparant lack of support from the uk legal profession, peoples lives are being destroyed, dont any of them care? Is our society so rotten that an ‘I’m alright jack’ attitude prevails? Are the uk’s lawyers just making so much money out of it that they just dont want it to end? Was cameron right to suggest they are “all in it together”? If I saw someone drowning I wouldn’t ‘charge’ them an hourly fee before jumping in to save them. There are some excellent lawyers in the uk, one of them is going to become famous one day by saving all these ‘drowining’ people from the tide of the csa.

  • John says:

    Lawyers have been ‘warned off’ by the juudiciary, regarding involvement of any nrp challenging the CSA administrators and the ‘system’. If any lawyer dare challenge the hierarchy, their feet would’nt touch! It’s a close shop of compliancy!

    I have spoken to a high profile lawyer regarding the CSA, and in their opinion, the only challenge that could be made is on the point of a 3 tier system, whereby those involved are paying on 3 different levels. This may breach human rights.

    I have downloaded and filled in the echr form, and sent it to Strasbourg with a covering letter, pointing out flagrant breaches of Human rights, but the strasbourg lawyers won’t test it in the European courts, unless a case has ben through the UK judicial system……they are all in it together!

    All that I can say in my case is that was hounded to the point of being suicidal. It was caused by gross incompetence and mistake after mistake, and even to day whilst I am involved with this disgraceful shambles, I don’t know what is coming next!

    I can only hope that at some stage in the future, those who have made me suffer, will get a taste of their own medicine, either through the courts or in the workplace by losing their jobs and income!

  • Carol says:

    I would love for people to know the truth about this Agency. It is not until you are personally involved that you realise it is diabolical.

    It is very unfortunate that media coverage cannot be given or legal advice either.

    In my situation they have effectively split me and my partner up. Quite simply we could not afford to be together. As a mother my kids were going without and regardless of the fights with the CSA the process is so slow. CSA acknowledged there is financial poverty in my house (when we were together) but did not reduce the arrears they were collecting. WHen my ex got his file from the CSA it was absolutely disgusting what we read. There are notes of no work having been done on the file for years. They put an assessment in place in 2008 for the period 2004-2007 so automatically in arrears – at that time CSA were aware he had only worked with the company for 35 weeks but kept assessment in place for 168 weeks. Incorrect addresses, mail sent to our current address 2 years before we moved here, another assessment in place for 124 weeks when he only worked for 24 weeks but during this time he was on benefits.

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