How can they take back payments of 14 years for a new case?

November 1, 2013

This is about my partner. His x dropped a case with csa and then decided to reopen it and we are going through hell.

My partner has asked for a dna test and csa have said they no longer provide them and they want back pay of 14 yrs, but if this is a new claim now how can she ask for back pay and why are the csa refusing dna test?

this is urgent they want £185 of him we have 3 children dependent on us but csa dont seem to care. We will have less of his wage left than what his x will get.


  • jo says:

    Are you sure its a new case and the old claim wasn’t put on hold?

    You are correct in saying that new cases should only commence from the date the csa made contact and cannot claim before then.

    My advice is to get your partner to get a hold of his data file which cost 10.00 to establish what is going on and take it from there.
    Might be worth speaking to your mp too and not to deal with the csa on the phone, do it all in writing.

  • Mr.Whitey says:

    Good advice from jo, get your MP involved, never phone them, they will lie and if it’s in their interests, deny you phoned them, get your data files…you are dealing with the ultimate scum of the earth, hopefully they’ll all die of cancer soon, but until they do you really need to heed jo’s advice…

    Good luck my friend.

  • Lisa says:

    For a start they do offer DNA tests ring Falkirk office and speak to jim Robertson he is the guy who deals with all this, secondly join our Facebook group child support agency ripoffs we can guide you properly into getting this all important test and possibly payments reduced, yes they can collect backdated payments but only if they prove they haven’t left your case laid dormant which is maladministration and error on their part, they must prove your hubby is the father if this has been demanded, do yourself one big favour don’t ring them unless absolutely desperate the idiots in the call centres are trained robots and they can be cruel and nasty, they work towards bonuses and targets joining the group above will get things moving good luck

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