How can they make so many mistakes?

May 13, 2013

I used to arrange maintenance between me and my ex but in 2008 after I took her to court to define visits with my daughter (and other issues) she went to the CSA even though I was still willing to pay without using them. It took six months to sort it out as the CSA could not get the calculations right which I had worked out on their website. They wanted £250 a month for 1 child who I had an average of 3 nights a week. In the end they finally got it right and it went down to £150 a month. Then I was faced with a massive back payment. I had previously tried to make payment as I knew this was going to happen but they wouldn’t have it.

Fast forward to 2012 and I went back to court and got equal custody of my daughter. In the court order we agreed to not involve the CSA and share costs of uniform, activities etc. My ex agreed to this on the understanding that she could claim the child benefit which I agreed to as I wasn’t really concerned about the money. I sent the court order to the CSA and I received a letter from them saying the case was closed.

Needless to say I paid for all the school uniform and activities and have not received a penny from my ex.

In December I contacted the child benefit and counter claimed it but it got rejected and I have since sent an appeal.

March 2013 I receive a call from the CSA saying that the case had been reopened and I owe £900 in arrears. Of course I said the court order states that I don’t have to so I am not paying anything.
I sent in my appeal letter with the court order and a bundle of other stuff which proved that I take more care of my daughter than my ex. I received a letter back saying that to take the court order into account they needed permission from the Judge. I thought this was odd as they had never asked this when dealing with other matters of the order like contact. I got the permission from the Judge and sent it on.

Later I get a letter saying they will take all the money direct from my employer even though they hadn’t told me the correct amount of money I am supposed to pay!
In the mean time I am checking the letters and see that they have got only one child listed in my household instead of two. I presume it is my one year old daughter that is missing not my wife’s 11 year old son (even though I have told them about both).

April 2013 – The next time I speak to the CSA I ask why the claim has been back dated to August 2012 (when it was closed) when my ex made the claim in January 2013. After some digging I am told that the cancellation letter was sent out by mistake and the claim had only been put on hold! I was asked to fax the letter which I did. I also tell them about my daughter being missed off the list to which they tell me that she IS on the list but my wife’s son isn’t! This was very odd because he should have been on there from the previous claim. Adjustments are to be made and a letter is in the post….

May 2013 – I get a call from the appeals people with good and bad news (so I’m told). The good news is that they have now taken into account that I have a year old daughter which will result in my payment going down. The bad news is that because there has been a change in my favour, my appeal is null and void and I have to start again! Oh and also that due to their legislation you cannot put payment clauses into to court orders so it doesn’t count….. Where do I start…..

1. The fact that they missed a child off was not my fault so why should I have to appeal again and how is that in my favour!
2. Still does not explain why the second child is missing from their records that I told them about in April and why he was removed in the first place.
3. Why was I not told about this legislation in August 2012 when I sent the court order.
4. Why was a letter sent out in the first saying the case was closed in August 2012.

I think the thing that annoys me the most is that so many mistakes have been made but no one is accountable or even really cares. Money still has to be paid regardless of the mess the CSA have made of it.

Even if I knew who to complain to I’m not even sure it would make a difference. Now I have to wait for the next letter to see if they have got it right.


  • brett says:

    “We made a mistake”. That’s one of the favourite lines of the CSA. What it means is “Your now trapped in our corrupt system and there’s no way of getting out. Your going to pay these ficticious arrears whether you like it or not and we will be sending a DEO to your employees. We may even send baliffs to your house or issue you with a liability order. We don’t care about your health or the stress were causing you and if you have children from a new relationship and can’t afford to feed or clothe them, then that’s your problem and nothing to do with us. We have to justify our existence and we particularly target the sitting ducks, the NRP PAYE earners”.

    That’s the monster your dealing with.
    I wish you all the best with your case.

  • eddie says:

    thoroughly shocking and you have my sympathy….. there my be a way of dealing with this. It ties into an idea ive had and I would like to offer support in a counter claim of negligence. If you contct me at [email protected] i can give you my phone number and discuss it if you like. Where are you based? Don’t give up hope its a long hard fight for us all we need to stand united to challenge this corrupt system.

  • eddie says:

    Come on Brett be a little more positive……. The bastards are grinding us down one by one there has to be a way forward we just need to stand together and find it….. Then hit them with it til they hurt…………………..

  • brett says:

    Hi Eddie, sorry to be so negative but I’ve been in the CSA system 2 x cases , since they were first set up and after 20 years I’m totally worn out and very deflated.
    I’ve only noticed your name on here recently and lots of people in the two years I’ve been on this site have wanted to get the ball rolling against the CSA, but that’s as far as it goes.
    The good news is a lady called Lisa, who regularly writes comments on here does seem to be getting things moving and she has got a CSA FB site set up, which people are invited to join.

  • Peter Spencer says:

    Hi I Have 2 children Im paying for never see But the oldest turned 19 last July but they still kept taking payment for to I kept ringing them and all they said it will be sorted. By Dec it still hadent changed so I stop the bank payments. They soon rang me back and aggreed to reduce further payments until it was a sorted (good i thought) Thin mar this year i was told he has gone back to collage full time . I have since found out he goes one day a week . I have asked the CSA for some sort of proof ie what course is he doing .what collage and why cant I see the attendence records. I payed any other bill i would get a recipt and proof of goods so why cant i get the same from either CSA or the mother ?????????? Pete

  • Sally says:

    @ Eddie, I have to agree with Brett… I too have been coming onto this website for 2 years and seen loads of enthusiasm from frustrated and angry victims of the CSA but nothing seems to change…

    I am an NRPP and, until I became involved with the CSA I was quite opinionated about fathers who the CSA accused of not paying for their kids and then my eyes were opened…. I was a wreck for almost 3 years wondering what was coming next from his greedy ex and the CSA… It was terrible and I have nothing but respect for Brett and fathers like him… My partner and I would have had a nervous breakdown if we hadn’t got out… I’m sure the CSA will try to set him up with arrears in the future but all our assets are now in my name alone so they will never take our home away from us, I have a good income that allows us to have a good life and his kids get more directly from their Dad…. I suppose some would say we are ‘morally’ wrong, but as far as we are concerned, the CSA and his greedy ex left us no choice…..

    I wish the CSA were disbanded and a thorough investigation one ted whereby ALL the staff found to be involved with the corruption should be charged and fines thousands and thousands of pounds….

  • mike hunt says:

    Good luck Andrew. You may want to try and involve your local MP as the CSA are a corrupt and incompetent group of bell ends. Works for some people. Have a look on the CSA rip offs link above. There are guides which tell you how to start the complaints procedure off and also includes an email list of who to copy in on your letter. All good stuff.

  • Lisa says:

    I hear this word.mistakes more and more, the CSA couldt organise.a.piss up, they make me sick, the staff steal from the.children they.are suppost to collect for, we are asked them when they fuck families up destroy marriages and upset children in many families, they.are suppost to lift children out of poverty, they dont,.as long as staff get posh desks chairs sandwiches and chocolates bought and bonuses they care.not for the lives they nastily drag down, its time to fight back

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