How can they happily take my money but then say they can’t talk to me?

July 22, 2014

My Story is I am claiming JSA because I am not working, but I received a letter saying that £5 a week will be deducted from my JSA.

I contacted them on the 25/11/2013, and after the forth time of contacting them i eventually got through, I was asked a variety of security questions, which I understand, but then I was told they could no go any further with this as I got a security question wrong.

I thought about which one I might of got wrong and the only one was my sons date of birth, which was stupid of me, I then recalled them back with the correct date of birth, they asked me what was my sons mothers surname, which because i don’t have contact with the mother if she has remarried then I would not know it.

What gets me they can take the money out of my JSA without any notice at all, and also not help me when I required. regardles of what security questions, which most i know if i don’t no my x’s married name this might be the reason, but why would I want to know her name, when it dose not interest me.

I don’t even see my children they are 19 and 21, I have not even fallen out with my children, i sore my kids once on my birthday which was June this year and i have not seen them since.

I have always paid my child support, but a couple of years ago I overpaid, the parent with care she closed the account, but i never herd from the CSA ever again until they have just taken £5 out of my benefit, which is to help me look for work.


  • jo says:

    Write to them instead with any info you have. I would say you’re not paying for the 21 year old but 19 year old in full time education? Also csa are not breaking any rules, £5.00 or the maximum of £7.00 a week is right to be deducted from jsa.

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