How can the ‘mother’ just pick a name out of the phonebook?

November 26, 2014

My husband received a call a couple of months ago from a woman looking for a man with the same name in our town who was in a similar line of work (she must have got his number from the yellow pages),She said this guy had previously worked at a certain store in a another town listed mutual friends,my husband explained it wasn’t him he’d never worked there didn’t know these mutual friends etc.

He then received texts saying this guy was the father of her child and she was adamant it was my husband,sent pics of kid etc,she also said she had spoke to my husbands uncle who had confirmed it was him (she hadn’t spoke to my husbands uncle) we just ignored her and hoped it would go away.

2 days ago he received an application for maintenance from this woman,at this point I found her on facebook and a post listing the details she knew about this guy and asking anyone with info to contact her (none of the details matched my husband),I sent her a message stating she had got it wrong and to check both mine and my husbands profiles so she could see it wasn’t him (btw my husband is v v distinctive long hair,heavily tattooed,piercings etc).

We spoke with csa and they said they would call back which they haven’t.

I have a few questions

1) How can someone pick a name out of a phone book and say to the csa that they are the father (i assume the csa used the number to get our address)

2)Don’t the csa check the details she has given them, they already know how much my husband owns can’t they see through his tax and NI that he’s never worked at the store mentioned (its a large chain) or indeed lived in that town.

3) If it goes to DNA and she asks to see the photos how can she authenticate pictures of someone she has never even met.

I am absolutely shocked and devastated this has happened to our family,and am terrified they will start taking money from us, especially this close to christmas.

If anyone has ANY experience or advice for us i would be very very grateful.


  • Bill says:

    Return the MEF and dispute paternity.
    A DNA test will be required which is free if he is not the father.

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