How can the CSA just lie in court?

April 9, 2015

The CSA never sent me a letter informing me there was a new case. This is required under the CSA’s own laws before they can start payments. As a result I was unaware that arrears were accruing until 18 months after the start of the new case when I received a call at my work telling me I was in arrears thousands of pounds and how did I want to pay?

As I did not want to be in debt I appealed to a Tribunal and the CSA lied to the judge and said they could supply the evidence they had sent me a notification. Amazingly the judge accepted their word! I knew there was no evidence.

The CSA started a DEO on my wages for arrears and even with the CSA’s own Data Protection evidence proving they had not sent the notification that was required, they still refused to act stating that they had to go by the Tribunal finding. The Tribunal would not accept any appeal as there was “No Law”. Lying in court is therefore no law?

2 MPs tried to get some CSA response but all the CSA did was flannel making up purported telephone calls that never existed as evidence to back them up.

I was referred to ICE but they came to the same conclusion that the Tribunal held the decision.

I went to the Ombudsman but they stated it was “Out of time” for them to handle.

Meanwhile, after several years, the CSA stopped my DEO as I had paid the arrears and my child was no longer eligible for support. Then a year later I received another DEO on my new employer! I spoke to someone in CSA accounts and they stated it was a mistake and the DEO stopped. Then a year later I received a liability order from the CSA for arrears that did not exist. The CSA said they had stopped the DEO in error and I still owed money.

I went to the Magistrates court for the liability order and made my case. The Magistrates ordered the CSA to provide the evidence that they had followed their own procedures and meet again and settle within 3 months. I called the courts after a month knowing that the CSA often send court letters to the wrong address only to find that the CSA had withdrawn their case! This proved beyond a doubt that I was right!

The CSA have never closed my case officially. I made another Tribunal appeal which was deemed to be out of time. But the solicitor residing told me that I had won in a manner of speaking and I should accept the outcome that the CSA had withdrawn the case.

Somehow I still feel aggrieved, upset that a government agency can get away with lying in court and break their own rules to suit themselves to cover their errors. And I have never received an apology!


  • Peter Barfoot says:

    Sue the mother !

  • Hellou says:

    Sue to judge.

  • Mike says:

    I had to think about your comment for a while, but you got it in 3! Sometimes being so close to a problem one cannot see the woods for the trees. I was focused on winning against the CSA when, I should have been concentrating on the instigator, my ex.
    So obvious. Thank you.

  • Mike says:

    I did complain about the judge, as he was obviously in cahoots with the CSA. But my complaint never got anywhere.
    Maybe it is about time we all got together and opened a case with the European Civil Courts!
    What does worry me more than anything else is that if the government can ignore the law then there is no law for the people anymore.
    “When the people fear the government there is tyranny….”

  • Michael says:

    Just a recent update to the above case. Even though the CSA withdrew their case from the courts. They then recently passed the case to the new CMS who have pursued me for the purported arrears.

    I may well take my ex to court as suggested above.
    Thank you

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