How can the CSA ignore court orders?

May 6, 2014

My ex partner had residence of our 4 yr old until 7/4/14 when the courts made a SRO. In Sep 12 he breeched the CO by changing contact from 4/7 week one and 3/7 week 2 to 2/14 he then put a claim in to the CSA.

I was always told by them that they can only go off what is legally correct, the court order, and not what contact was in place through a direct breech of the order. I have taking him back to court and walked away with a SRO and contact is completely 50/50 shared care.

They refuse to base my assessment on what the previous contact arrangements were and make me pay as though my son never stays with me, as that is what my ex partner has told them, they also told me that with the new order if he agrees then it will be reassessed if not it will not.

How can the CSA ignore a court order and just take someone’s word? I have sent solicitors letters between mine and my ex partner where he is clearly saying that contact is overnight also I have sent social service documents and 2 court orders all of which have been ignored and I have paid the price.

I really feel that the CSA is totally corrupt and feel completely helpless when dealing with them. The emotional and financial stress this is putting on me and my family, I have 2 other children, is tremendous 🙁


  • Morgan says:

    Sorry, what’s a PA??

  • Gonk says:

    It’s always been the same with CSA. They always believe whatever the none paying parent says. Even if it’s a blatant lie, they will believe them. And why…very simple….it’s not in their interest to believe the paying parent, why would they if it meant they might not be able to milk them for all they can get. The pwc is the boss as far as they are concerned, and they won’t bite the hand that feeds their bottom dwelling pond life existence.

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