How can the CSA get away with this?

May 16, 2011

Right, before i start i am the PWC, i’m the mother and i agree with the majority of the men on here, the CSA is shockingly bad, if anyone knows what i should do in my situation please let me know.

June 2008 i filed a case with the CSA as my ex had left me and refused to pay for our then 4 month old daughter, well now, in may 2011 he is still refusing to pay and the CSA are doing naff all to get anything out of him, everytime they go for enforcement he changes his circumstances, that takes 12 weeks, during which time they cant enforce the enforcement, marvelous, anyways, ive now instructed a solicitor to act on my behalf to try and sort this out, this has cost me £££££££££’s as i’m not entitled to legal aid, and the CSA will not give my solicitor the information she needs unless i pay for it, yes you read that right, i have to pay for information that the CSA hold about me and my case, yeah alright, on the otherside of it, he gets legal aid because he hasnt declared he’s working, so his solicitor is FREE, cash in hand £550 a week, bragging to me about it, and not paying me a penny, happy to sit back and let my partner support his child, Pathetic, as for the CSA, what the hell is the point in them? I’d get more out of hjim with a shotgun and a knuckle duster!!!

**Disclaimer, I will not actually cause anyone any harm, i just like to think i wopuld if i had the bottle.


  • sadie mackenzie says:

    my case with csa has been ongoing for nearly 10 years now, my sons father if you want to call IT that gets a job then when csa contact him he gives up his job and goes on benefits then gets a job and then goes on benefits and so on for 10 years, never had a penny from him for my son, the ammount i have paid in phone calls over these years is ridiculous. why can’t we as mothers have the right if we are not happy with this shabby system and scrap the csa for something more stronger and reliable and get what our children deserve. the ammount of money that is put into this sham of a csa could probably sort this country out of the debt we are in because lets face it they aren’t doin very much are they. no wonder everyone wants to live in england they give you benefits left right and centre.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    My view?
    Disband the CSA.
    PWCs in your situation where the NRP is elusive should go to a solicitors with experience in these cases who use private investigators to obtain information.
    The NRP is then presented with a payment schedule and the PWC’s legal bill.
    No payment?
    Then a visit to the court.
    Still not payment then it’s a term inside.
    The solicitors work on a no win no fee basis.
    Why should I as a taxpayer support other people’s children?

  • Karen B says:

    Hi, cant disband it until there is something in place to take its place.

    Also please join fb groups child support agency failings and other too for advice and support.

    My case was 12 yrs but closed now and my ex got away with fraud, discrption, perjury, etc and I got 9 special payments and 2 advanced payments to stop my story being filmed for Watchdog few years ago.

    My case might be closed but I want to change the legislation.

    Good Luck, unfortunately you are not alone.

  • steve says:

    i have 2 children i won joint resendency so i can caim child benifit and tax credits for 1 child enybody reading this do it. you can counter claim your ex with the csa then.i take my children on holidays spend more funtime than my ex has done .but dont wait for csa to sort it out push and push .it has taken them 8 months and lots of lies to me saying its done just got to press says no at moment.after getting local mp and ombusman to phone it sorted just counter claim now.then thay say il be back dated from when thay contact ex….. hang on i asked 8 months ago i want back later wait for it i still pay for 2 children.
    then i was told its always been told for 2 children not 1.had all my peronal dater from them cds phone calls all saying over months its getig done and its because thay dont want to pay months of money back hiding behind lies over phone and letters never mind iv got lies on cds and writen down stressssst out with it all.even my new girlfriend for over a year who is in a wheel chair has had it with al the stressn im under with the csa over 9 months and moods i get in .iv always been happy till them got to write tidy ~~~~++++++++ ankers .the csa are to gut less to even meet face to face.thank god now because i will be locked up.tribunal next. iv had way to mutch now but i am thinking of taking a news reporter in with me i know il lose then but atleast other people will see behind not stop thuo to the highst il go and on way get the names of people who have delt with my case out in dont give up dont leave it to them to sort out chase it all the way and keep phone bills ask there names and at end pay 10 pound and get your dater from them and cds of phone calls because when your on hold you can here stuped women laughing at you yea ann we now were you live ha joking mmmm

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