How can the CSA get away with it?

April 12, 2011

I really cant believe how the CSA can get away with robbing people of their hard earned cash, as if the government hadn’t found enough ways to take nearly all your wages off you e.g tax, vat on every item you buy etc.

I was seeing my son twice a every 4 days (work 4 on 4 off) and loved every minute of it, always wanted to be a dad and would do anything for my son. Then the ex decided just because she was with someone else that she could do anything she wanted with a click of her fingers; demanding me to look after my son on days she knew I couldnt, gving a couple hours notice for looking after him etc.

Now she has stopped me seeing him all together!

Why should she be able to take certain rights from me but only what suits her (doesnt let me see him but still wants my money). The system is an absolute joke, i work full time in a decent job and she still gets more money than me working part time and sponging off the government.

I always said I was more than happy paying for my son while I am seeing him, but not if she thinks can do what she likes.

Had enough now like, doing what i want do do in life now and moving abroad and the CSA can go f**k themselves, catch me if you can 😀 Much love you bunch of thieving robbing scumbags lol


  • Peach says:

    The trouble with the csa is that they will sting fathers who are willing to pay for their children, the same fathers who generally also get stung by their exes who like to take advantage of the caring dad and use the kids as weapons. With a responsible paying father should also come rules on access so that the father can see their kids more often, not just when the ex needs a night out or access stopped when the mother isnt getting what she wants, doesnt want to lose money by the child staying overnight more often with dad, or has found another man.
    On the other side of it, the fathers who arent willing to support their kids seem to be able to dodge payments and leave the mother struggling on her own.
    In a nutshell, a father willing to support his kids should have more access rights and should pay less because he is in the childs life, and unwilling fathers should be chased up and stung for not being a father to his kids.
    It is that simple!

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