How can the CSA get away with doing this?

December 5, 2015

I had the misfortune of being involved with the CSA when my ex took our children away from me without warning nearly 3 years ago. I went to court and was awarded custody of my son as she was deemed unfit. My daughter was 18 and decided to live with her mother. My son is registered disabled but that didn’t stop the CSA insisting I pay £260 a month to support my daughter. I didn’t have an issue with supporting my daughter but I did have an issue with the fact my ex didn’t have to support her son! My daughter is now 20 and my case was closed in April. 7 months later I get a letter out of the blue stating I owe £2500 of arrears!

I’ve asked how this can be possible and all I’m told by the rude ignorant liars at the CSA is that the computer has calculated that! When I ask about financial support for my son they don’t want to know! It’s been an absolute nightmare dealing with such an incompetent department who don’t seem to have a clue what they’re on about. They discriminate and when challenged they financially punish you more! How on earth can they get away with it. I would really appreciate some advice on how to deal with this. I thought my nightmare was over! I’m not writing very coherently as I’m so angry at the injustice of it. Sorry, rant over.


  • Carol D says:

    That is quite normal that when you think you have finished paying CSA find arrears. I really do not know how they manage it but they do.

    1st is to get a copy of your file from the Data Protection Unit. I believe they do not charge for this anymore. Then check everything to see how they have managed to calculate arrears. Write a letter of complaint and also get your MP involved if necessary. It often helps for the complaint to be taken more seriously.

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