How can my son see his kids?

April 16, 2015

Son split from wife nov,he left the home at her request 3 weeks later went to visit his 2 children house had been emptied of all belongings and furniture and bank account emptied son still has no idea where children are.

Received order to pay £112 a week for children plus arrears of £72 accrued between 12/12/12-18/12/12 payment order says this will be deducted at rate of £22 a week on top of £112 for next 15 weeks.

This seems to come to a lot more than £72 can anyone shed any light on how this is worked out and how can he arrange some sort of access to see his children as he has no idea where they are.


  • Peter Barfoot says:

    Your son needs to speak to the CMS (CSA) they are the only ones that can give you answers !

  • AnnieB says:

    Generally the Courts view is

    1. Maintenance payments for the children have nothing to do with whether or not they have contact (is this unfair? Yes, in my opinion, and I speak as a female PWC)
    2. That it is the child(ren)’s right to see the parent, not the other way round.

    The CSA has no power over contact with your children, you will have to either try mediation or, if your ex- refuses, the Family Court. Be warned that you will have to demonstrate that you have made all reasonable efforts to get her to mediation before approaching the Courts.

    If you can get an appointment, try Citizens’ Advice Bureaux, they are a good starting point, if you can’t afford a solicitor.

    Lastly, remember to stay calm, and be persistent, your children need you, even if your ex- can’t see that at the moment. However unfair it seems, their well-being should be the most important thing so keep paying towards their upkeep and keep good records of everything, with copies at another address (family member or friend) just in case.

    Good luck

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