How can my accountant ex get away with paying just £7.20 a week?

March 18, 2013

My ex has never even bothered to see our son who is now 13. He has paid maintenance(after demanding a paternity test) since our son was 8 months old.

He lied for 10 years about his living arrangements, he claimed he lived alone. I signed our home over to both him and his girlfriend! The CSA claimed that this wasn’t evidence enough to prove that they were living together. They suggested I get a private investigator to prove otherwise.

I found out that my ex married in 2009, of course he hadn’t notified them. I did do and as a result my payments increased significantly. In August last year my maintenance wasn’t paid, I spoke to the CSA, apparently he’d had a change of circumstances. Unfortunately they don’t have the resources to of inform parents of the this.

My ex is now self-employed and has to pay us £7.20 pw. I find it very difficult to understand how an accountant can be earning such a low amount of money. The CSA say that all we are entitled to. They have based this on 3 months accounts that he has processed himself.

I feel utterly crushed. How can he get away it? Is there any other way this could be resolved?


  • wilf says:

    In 9 months time ask for a reassessment, asking they use the full 12months accounts.
    Failing that ask them to check HMRC records for 2012/13 next September.
    Have you asked for a revision for the last assessment using more up to date figures as the accounts should cover a greater period than 13 weeks by now?
    Remember accountants can be very creative.
    As they must submit figures every 12 months to HMRC make sure and ask for a reassessment every 12 months.
    You should have received a reassessment letter outlining the new maintenance and how it was worked out.
    If you are on CS1 were you not asked for your income and circumstances?

  • lisa says:

    @ Wilf, if its a new business thats probably why payments are so low, were all having a hard time paying bills etc, to be fair we cant all assume because the NRP runs his own business that he will be “rolling in it” so to speak, and if im completely honest, The CSA should not take the PWC word for anything and to do there own investigations, they are quick enough to do the threatening over the phone etc and tell us they have ways and means of finding out everything!!! Maybe they have exhausted every avenue and actually what he has told them is the truth,

  • wilf says:

    lisa:- Where have said otherwise?
    13 week accounts are always misleading as they often contain setting up expenses. A 12 month account is usually more reflective.
    Just offering constructive advice.
    As I will to any party if I can.
    Not all PWCs are grasping and not all NRPs are dodgers.
    Both parents need to contribute.

  • carol says:

    one word “OVERHEADS”

    after every expense needed to run a business, there REALLY IS little left. That is what they are basing their calculations on, every receipt handed in. It all adds up.

    Thats just the way it is being self employed, you fork out for so much more its extremely infuriating.

    Hopefully if your ex’s business takes off, he will be able to give more, but sounds like things are not good between you two, which will affect your child naturally.

    when i had no help or interest from one of my childs father, I had to rely on myself, go out to work and forget about my ex. Never slagged him off to my child incase he did show up, which he didnt so now my child figures it out for themself their dad wasnt there for them.

  • lisa says:

    As I have said before yes both parents need to contribute but there has to be a limit, many NRP on here are struggling to cope and having so much shite thrown at them by a company (apparently not run for profit company) who have absolutely no idea what they are doing, why should the guy suffer because he has moved on, setting up a business is hard, regardless of that miffs me when kids are held to ransom, either pay or you don’t see them and that’s exactly what most of these posts are about, money money money, whats more important dad spending time with his kids or a few quid in the bank and kids missing there dad, seems simple to me, the PWC can move on have fun etc the NRP has to stay single and do as they are told, its pathetic,

  • karen bedford says:

    Peter Brown you are disgusting and should never be a parent with a stupid disgraceful attitude and suggestion like that, pathetic man!

  • karen bedford says:

    Jane, join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies failings and there are others too. For advice and information on this as there are many who can give advice on the self employed, see my you tube videos also, criminal compliance unit to get credit ref agencies involved. I did, got advance payment my ex was actually earning double the amount he claimed and had many thousands in savings too. Good luck.

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