How can it be right that I have to pay this much CSA?

January 22, 2015

I am divorced have three kids two to my ex wife one with my ex girlfriend I am in a driving job that pays minimum wage.

I lost previous job then got another one straight away I’m a worker don’t like to b out of work anyway this other job was zero hours so I couldn’t afford Csa and the rest you know.

They caught up with me and now I’m paying arrears I pay nearly four hundred a month I hate to say this but I would b better off on the social I can’t afford to live I had to get overdraft out so I can pay the Csa.

So far in arrears I’ve paid nearly four thousand pound since June this can’t b right I wish somebody could help me I’m at the end of a rope going into depression thank you.


  • CSA Warrior says:

    in answer to the question if you have arrears the CSA will take this at 40% of your income. They argue that they want to clear the arreears within 6 yrs.

    however this is A MAXIMUM and not compulsory. the CSA seem to forget this fact.

    you can ask for the arrears payment to be reduced to a reasonable amount.

    they will be resistant but play hardball and explain the effect on the child as well.

    good luck

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