How can I stop paying this unfair amount?

December 5, 2013

In 2004 my marriage ended. My ex husband, an Army officer sought 100% Residency through the courts in order to achieve the generous Boarding School Allowance. I was devastated when the judge awarded him this, for no other reason than schooling. I couldn’t afford to appeal. The family allowance was transferred at this stage.

My ex then went to CSA who then deducted full 20% from my salary. I work part time for an Airline (since 1986). It has been terrible, I have been constantly broke. When my ex retired from the Army this year (June2013) I petitioned the court to change order as he no longer was eligible for full residency & boarding school allowance.

The judge quashed the order as children now 16 & 18. I sent the new order to CSA & Family allowance (he no longer receives it as earnings too high) my ex also moved 400 miles north & I live a short walk from the School.

All previous restrictions have been lifted but yet the CSA refuse to stop taking full 20% from my pay.

My interest only mortgage has come to an end & the repayments are now 3x as much plus the children’s clothes, pocket money, tuck, mobile phones, toiletries & CSA is crippling me.
How can I stop paying this unfair amount to my ex who has big pension, a new job & who seems to get away with everything in the eyes of CSA.

I applied for family allowance some months ago & sent court order etc but have heard nothing & all phone calls to chase them up results in them telling me it can take 90 days!!
Please can you help.

I need some clear advice


  • jo says:

    Are the children now living with you?

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    The CSA will not collect payments if no child benefit is being paid to that parent. So it’s the child benefit ppl you need to badger, as it’s the CSA’s policies, they simply cannot alter that. However once the child benefit is no longer in your ex’s name and is in your name, the CSA can do a check instantly…..and then they will alter things.

    Whilst child benefit is being paid to your ex, and it’s in his name, then in the CSA’s rules it’s correct to collect payments from you and pay to him.

    Hope that helps.

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    Whether or not we agree with it…rules are rules and the CSA will not listen. Your best bet, get that child benefit in your name ASAP!!!

  • Thanks so v much for your support. I actually had a letter from child benefit office today asking for me to list days I see my teens as they still making decision.
    My ex lives 300 miles from school & I’m 10 minute walk! I will keep hoping.

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