How can I set up fair payments while self-employed?

January 23, 2015

I’m really hoping you could offer me some advice, my ex partner left me a couple of years ago along with taking my 1 year old son.

She broke a £60 a week agreement we had in order to get more money from me through the childmaintaince , to cut a long story short they calculated I had to pay £100 per week.

I eventually got into a lot a debt lost my home because I couldn’t afford the mortgage i have just started to get my life in order and recently have gone self employed as a scaffolder.

Can you advise me on the best way to keep earnings and what the childmaintaince can use as income to re calculate my maintaince payments, for example should I set up as a limited company and pay myself a wage through the business?

I just want to be able to support my new family and also be able to pay a fair amount like £50 a week for my son I am no longer aloud to see.

Many thanks.


  • Dolphinkeeley says:

    It should be no see no money but sadly our greedy system is set to wreck life’s.
    You can set up a payment to the child sadly to the mother for the 50 per week this is a very good amount for a child. Keep all records of all payments and make sure it says Child maintaince or the ex can say you have not paid and the CSA will make you pay again.

    You can set it up on d/d from your bank to hers and put reference child maintaince tell the CSA you are doing this and they have to back off.

  • King Canute says:

    Forget the CSA – they are inept.

    Draw up an agreement with your ex that you are happy with & insist on contact. Do not involve the CSA for any reason. Make sure you pay whatever money you pay for child maintenance into her bank account with the annotation Child Maintenance (January 2015) for; xxx Name xxx

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