How can I prove the income of my ex husband?

April 24, 2011

My ex is self employed. CSA gave him a calculation as he wouldnt provide evidence of income.

He is now apealing against it and says he has financial hardship. CSA have advised no accounts with inland revnue so it will be up to me to provide evidence.

Still on joint mortgage with him for marital home so thought ok will ask for mortgage statement proving he is paying a mortgage of over 1500 per mnth so must therefore have income.

Northern Rock will not send me a mortgage statement unless he authorises me to have one. Left the marital home after he tried to kill me and he has made my life hell ever since. Life sucks and there is no help out there. How the hell can i prove his icome?


  • sarah briers says:

    If its so bad cut your losses cut all ties start a life for youself u can’t expect everyone else to pay for u I did it and now my husbands ex is taking all our money while my kids go without life sucks but u just get on with it! !

  • Karen B says:

    Ignore people like Sarah who are bitter and only see one side of things because they choose to.

    Firstly you dont say how far you have got with the CSA, please join the FB groups and will get some advice on what others have done, etc.

    You need to get the Criminal Compliance Unit onto this to find out his in and outgoings, do you have any bank details, ni no, (if he is CIS – ref no) contractor/sub-contactor details, address, etc.

    Good Luck

  • Jemma L says:

    I wonder if Sarah’s opinions will change if she’s left a single parent needing financial assistance for the upbringing of her children from her ex……
    Well said Karen!

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