How can I prove that my son lives with me?

April 13, 2015

My son is 18 years old and is in full time education, he has been living with his father for the last couple of years, as my ex would not move out of the family home and I had to go back and stay at my parents.

Cut a long story short, since that time I have always made payments for my son via the csa. I am in full time employment, and do not claim benefits. My son has since moved in with me so I alerted the csa to advise this, they contacted my ex who has denied he is now living with me.

I am in a situation where it is his word against mine. I have made a claim for child benefit also as the csa advised this, but he will state the same to them. What can I do to prove my son is living with me?

He is in the process of changing his address but this all takes time. How can I prove my son lives with me??? Would I have to go to court if my ex is still lying?? Thanks.


  • Peter Barfoot says:

    You can only receive maintenance for your son if he’s in full time education until 19 years old…So why bother after all this time ???

  • Peter Barfoot says:

    ^sorry it’s 20 years if in full time education, excuse the typo.

  • Peter Barfoot says:

    My comment still stands…Why bother with all the hassle ?

  • Tara says:

    Thanks for your responses. I am not going into the scenario of who should stay in the famy home with a child it all depends on the situation. It is very much worth the hassle as you put it!
    I have supported my son on a very small wage, when my ex partner did not need the money. he is on at 70k salary, at least 3 times more than what I earn. I have never tried to shirk my responsibilities and have gone without to ensure the monies are paid through the csa. Now the boot is on the other foot and my son is living with me, it is now his fathers responsibility to provide for my son whilst he is in further education. We are talking about another year and a half that his father will now need to pay for. So it is really worth the hassle!

    In response the the other comment, I am not on any benefits so I couldn’t go down the benefits route.

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