How can I prove ex won’t spend CSA on our daughter?

August 24, 2015

My ex wife has turned very nasty and now wants to claim through the CSA, she is nothing but a money grabber and i know the money will be spent on her and not our daughter, how can i build a case to prove this? i have paid over 300 every month since we split up and she has had 3 holidays without our daughter! i dont mind giving my daughter my very last penny but i lothe to give it to her mother through this organisation! can i contest this?


  • MrWhitey says:

    No you can’t contest this, the CSA have no interest in what your ex spends your payments on, all they are interested in is taking the maximum amount of money from you that they possibly can, and giving as little of that (if any) to your ex.

  • Gonk says:

    Sadly MrWhitey has hit the nail on the head. Csa don’t give a fuck. And that’s what pisses me off about this vile agency. It forces money out of me to piss away how ever the mother sees fit.
    I’m bled £300 each month for my daughter, nearly 4 grand a yr and will be paying until she’s 20. At the end of that time not one single penny of that money will have been put aside by the other for my daughters future, not one fucking penny.
    She and her partner both work full time and therefore as far as I’m concerned are in a position to put aside some of my money for our daughters future but I know her mother and that will never happen. My daughter could not even text me the other week because she had no credit on her phone. Fucking disgusting, fucking vile agency, fucking skank ex.
    You will be bashing your head against the wall with getting answers to your question, they will laugh at you and shrug off your question with ” we don’t ask how the money is spent because we don’t have to and neither do we care, our job is take as much as possible from you and that’s it”
    2 hopes, no hope and Bob hope.
    Good luck

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