How can I pay the CSA?

December 7, 2010

When the Child Support Agency comes calling, demanding payment of arrears, the chances are that it will take you completely by surprise and will be a figure that you just cannot pay back. The problem is that the CSA takes an eternity to sort anything out and reply to correspondence, so when they do actually get round to demanding (and we use the word demanding) money from you, you’ve more than likely amassed a large sum in arrears.

How can you pay this?

The problem is of course that the longer you go without paying the CSA the money they want, the larger that arrears figure will become and the more money you’ll owe. If you do not pay the CSA can, and most likely will, take drastic and draconian steps that it has been powered to make – such as apply to have your driver’s licence revoked, your passport revoked, your property to be visited by bailiffs and even threaten you with prison time.

It all sounds a little bit over the top for what is essentially supposed to be a government organisation set up to look after the financial wellbeing of children, but sadly children are the last thing on the minds of the CSA’s bosses – they’re more interested in targets and reclaiming money, by any means necessary.

Paying the CSA with a Payday Loan

Paying this money can be a strain, which is why many people being chased by the CSA turn to Payday loans to meet the demands. There are numerous Payday loans companies in the UK offering to loan money on a strictly short term basis, but before you use any of them you need to be sure that you’re aware of what you’re getting yourself into, and how much interest you could be paying should you take longer to pay back the loan.

Payday loans are supposed to be until your next payday – if you take longer than the agreed timeframe your interest rate will go up by a lot, and you’ll end up paying back significantly more than you’ve borrowed. Be aware of this.

For some however, Payday loans are a convenient way of getting the CSA off their backs and paying them what they want. Have a look at some of the Payday loans companies and other loans companies we’ve featured here, and see if any of them can help you pay the CSA with a Payday loan.


  • Allan Morrell says:

    Lowest form of life's evolution…. and their incompetence… these two words would fit the description of the CSA perfectly…The C word has several uses as well as it being the place that secures you to the financial and emotional detriment of your life…. that clearly describes it as a distasteful place to go without protection…Some PWC's happen to be the bad luck dip in the barrel…. we only find out when they decide we have to leave… then comes the inept amoeba's threats and abuse motivated by the bad luck we drew from the barrel of Prospective Partners Lucky Dip Draw!!!!

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    nah i still preffer my word it has to be one word thats tottaly discriptive i thaught maxine was going to provide me with another one but obviously not

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Maxines seems too sensitive to find an appropriate word that wont offend her!!!

  • Craig Bulman says:

    Who posted this? obviously an affiliate or CPA get a loan to pay the CSA you fucking idiot!!!!!!

  • Craig Bulman says:

    @Susan Ward and loan taken out by the CSA, you need to ask the case wanker er sorry case worker if he is qualified to give out such financial advice? tell him you demand to see his qualifications

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