How can I make sure that my money helps who it is supposed to?

October 2, 2014

I currently pay CSA to the mother of my child. She is 4 at nursery during the day and spends the afternoon and evening at her Grans (Mothers mum).

The Mother of my child works fulltime and very rarely sees her child as the child stays with the Gran not with the mother in her own house.

I pay the full amount of child support I have been asked to by CSA but constantly see the mother of my child buying her self new things that clearly are not coming from her wage and are coming from the CSA I pay. Dont get me wrong I agree I should pay for my child as she is my responsibility.

I have my child one night through the week and every second full weekend. I also take my child on days I can when I am not working.

I would like to see the money I pay towards my child go to my child, or the main carrer for my daughter and in this case it is the child Gran (Mothers mum).

Do you have any advice you could give me?


  • Nathan janes says:

    the CSA are not interested in what happens to the money once it is paid, she can spend it on fags and drink for all they care, there is is nothing anyone can do to i force that the payment is used on the child. All you could do is rase your concerns with the authorities, but you will have to show neglect of the child to stand a chance of getting anywhere. You could always take her to court for custody, that way it will be her making payments to you and you can use her money the way it was intended, but the chances of you winning this are slim.

  • Bill says:

    Most people come on this site complaining that the PWC is work shy and on benefits.
    This is the first to complain that the PWC is working and using a baby sitter, the Gran, presumably the PWC’s mother.
    Do you ever buy yourself “new things”?

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