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How can I make sure that I’m not cut off from seeing my son?

I recieved a phone call from csa saying I had two year old son and that wanted DNA and details of my income along with bank details.

I now see my son, he looks like me everyone says, so I didn’t take DNA as it was just cost me a further sum of money I am trying to be put on birth certificate as legal tender to him I was told from gossipers that someone was on there as father already and the mum keeps avaiding the question whenever brought up but has stopped me seeing him untill I pay.

Also she is moving up north with her new partner and my son, so I am not paying untill I put on birth certificate so she can’t just cut me out when she leaves.

She says it shouldn’t affect me seeing him to much but I can’t just take her word for it I need help as csa are now building the debt from back pay and now missed payments.

I need to know if I’m in my rights to do what i’m doing or a solution to resolve the problem?

2 thoughts on “How can I make sure that I’m not cut off from seeing my son?

  1. Sorry mate, you have no rights.

    If you withhold payment the CSA will just take the money from you at source. You need to act asap to get this resolved before the arrears builds up too much, they impose a deduction from earnings order, and take so much that you can barely survive.

    CSA aren’t there for Birth certificate and parentage questions, they don’t give a damn, you need to get that resolved through that other wonderful institution, The Family Courts, if she won’t play ball.

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