How can I help my friend to realise what she is doing?

July 30, 2014

My friend was married for 14 years and had three Bristol kids with her husband.

Things wen’t easy for them, the husband worked really hard and my friend worked less but down too much and on and off work, she would sleep the afternoon and when the husband came home the kitchen will be I such a state that he had no choise but clean after work.

This carried on untill the husband got fed up and moved out.Within six months my friend met someone and they been living with her for the last year and her ex husband pays child maintainance of £200 for each child.

My friend had an arrangement that kids see their dad every other weekend, and this was in place for the last 2yrs,my friend said to me l want more money , l asked from were?and she said l will stop contact between kids and their dad then l can get more money, this is because her boy friend could not coupe with her and he left, now his stopped contact .

The kids love and adore their dad, he takes them out and when they got back they had lots to tell, she won’t let them even talk to their dad an our friendship is being damaged because l have been trying to say let kids see their dad.

Last week she got an email from her ex, he was asking if he can talk to her youngest , his daughter he’s was speaking to his daughter and she asked him if he can take her out so the dad agreed then on the day my friend would not allow the daughter to meet her her dad, she’s made a claim for more money because she says the dad has no contact.

How much evil can one be , how do l tell her go nasty and evil what she’s, doing and is this how the Csa operates making innocent people out there suffer.


  • melanie parton says:

    This is y tjis more money gor no contact shuld b scraped so u get same amount with or without contact…..shared care both got rights……still all in favour for women to have controll over ex n kudscstuk in middle

  • jo says:

    Can her ex not take her to court to have his contact re-established? With what you have written it should be him that becomes is the sole carer. I thought the new system was abolishing this type of behaviour by introducing the pay direct scheme?

    I would no longer be friends with her and help the ex as much as you can….she will end up with very angry children indeed, selfish witch!

  • Bill says:

    Contact has no bearing on maintenance.
    Overnight stays with NRP results in reduction of child maintenance by 1/7 for each night.

  • Gonk says:

    Yer Bill….I think the commenters here along with the author realise this Dahhhhh!!!!!
    Think you are missing the point of this person posting this

  • Bill says:

    Just clarification for those less knowledgeable and experienced as yourself Gonk.

    ” she’s made a claim for more money because she says the dad has no contact ” is not the same as saying “she reduced overnight stays so that the NRP loses his previous allowance for shared care.”

  • Jan says:

    This woman is evil, but there are loads like her. Even if contact is stopped maintenance has to be paid. Although I think if maintenance was stopped because contact was stopped it would maybe prevent this from happening. The courts are too much in favour of females getting their own way because they manipulate the kids into saying stuff re the fathers.

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