How can I get the CSA to deal with this issue?

November 9, 2013

I have just come of the phone to a csa adviser for the 6th time in 8weeks. I am still waiting for my call back from my case worker. My dispute is I earn £1100.00 per month of which £144.00 is taken as a csa payment but also they are taking another £306.00 in arrears off me for a dept of £3800 they say I owe but they still have given me no proof that I owe this amount .

When I call them and ask to speak to the case worker they put me on hold then say the case worker is not picking up. Can anybody give me advise on how I can get them to deal with this problem bearing in mind I have already been to the C.A.B and also sent in a hard ship budget form to the csa .


  • Marcus Lasance says:

    Ask them to send you the ‘Detailed calculation of arrears’. If your case is clerical ( and I assume it’s the same for others) you will get an envelope with spreadsheet printouts detailing per week and stretching over years what your assessed income and payments should be. It’s a start to check if they have their information wrong which then perhaps you could appeal as a next step?

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Start by stop wasting your time by dealing with the CSA by phone; yours is a wonderful example why.

    Deal only by post.
    Write to the CSA (keep a copy of all letters sent) and send it recorded delivery.
    No answer?
    Then go to your MP.
    When you do get an answer, if you are unhappy or cannot understand the reply, take the letter to your MP, CAB etc.

    Dealing with the CSA by phone is a fool’s game.

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