How can I get people to hear our story?

November 20, 2014

I would like to start an online blog/campaign to tell the story of what has happened to us. I am a nrpp who lives with a man (nrp) literally destroyed by his ex wife (PwC). She’s poisoned his children against him, and to make matters worse his family have sided with her, so he has been alienated from them all.

Yet still he is hounded by the csa for payments he cannot afford, quite frankly nobody on average salary can afford to lose 15 – 40% (that’s the max they can take…40%!!) of their salary.

He hasn’t seen or spoken to his children for over 4 years. He has done nothing to deserve this. I cannot comprehend how she (PwC) has been allowed to emotionally abuse the children. And it is abuse! Those children may never want to see him again, but if they do, then when they learn the truth it’s going to be like coming to terms with a bereavement.

Parental alienation should be against the law and those parents who carry out this abuse should be held accountable, and their csa payments stopped. They’re using the csa as a way of getting money and the less shared care the more money they get so the csa also needs to be held accountable for encouraging less contact with the nrp.

Can anyone help me get my story (obviously names will be changed and kept anonymous) out to the internet. Maybe others would then come forward and things may even start to change.

United we stand. Divided we fall.


  • angrymum33 says:

    your not alone. its so frustrating, i have a massive casefile i have built up against the csa (i put my story up a few days ago with terrible spelling whoops!) and thats just a brief! im hoping to do the same thing but dont really no how to go about it. i think we all know that going to a solicitor will cost a fortune and to be honest citizens advice do not help at all, absolutely useless. good to see someone is thinking along the same lines as me.

  • Mr M says:

    Like many others say on here, it is happening to us all. The CSA is untouchable……people power is whats needed, but unfortunatly the democracy we live in these days is no more, divide & rule, and the CSA is the epitomy of this. Disgraceful organisation.

  • mrs beckham 2 says:

    So, how do we all go about getting something on the internet?

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    Is anyone here able to help? I’m going to repost to refresh the campaign.

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