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How can I get my name put on son’s birth certificate?

I have a 2 years old son who lives with his mum in Wales. The mum refuse to put my name on his birth certificate. I have been involved in his life ever since he was born. Also made sure I give her mum month support contribution for my son till date. She got me CSA for some reason and I am still paying him upkeep. I have been having him every other week and recently i started spending the weekend with him at my house in England and dropping him back at his mum as planned. I have never been of any threat to her or my son but she keep refusing to amend the birth certificate to get my name on it. She just called me today to bring my passport detail so she can fill in the information as she is trying to apply for my son’s passport. when i asked her about the birth certificate , she just refused again. What can i do to get my name on my son’s birth cerficate?

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  1. You will need to make an application to a court for a Declaration of Parentage under Section 55 of the Family Law Act 1986. I think the form is FL424 which is available only from the court – it isn’t available online.

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