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How can I get CSA to conduct an audit of lying ex’s books?

Help. My ex partner was made redundant july 2016 and started his own business and says he only earns $37k a year. This is just not possible given his expenses such as about 1 million in property, car loan ect ect. he could not afford to live on that amount. The csa have taken his word for it twice, and wouldn’t let my childsupport be reduced by the additional $70k he got in a redundancy so he went for that year only paying $220 a month and I now have to pay $640 a month. I only have a house worth $460K and I he also makes me pay for all expenses for the children on top of childsupport. I am at my wits end, he is clearly lying about his income but he is self employed so i can’t prove it. He is propably doing cash jobs as well. I need to know how can i force an audit of his books or something…..

3 thoughts on “How can I get CSA to conduct an audit of lying ex’s books?

  1. Seek legal advice to look at his accountants.
    Every thing he make or earn is going through his accountant. So take him to earn to provide his in come and out going for the past 5 year to compare with out going

  2. He’s a father, not a cash machine. Let him be a parent instead of expecting him to pay for you to be one.

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