How can I formally complain about the CSA?

January 10, 2015

This is the second time this has happened am i am disgusted that the CSA have allowed it without checking full details first.

Firstly my ex husband has told them that he is in full time education and he has not provided any information and he is still working part time. She should be paying me the back pay he owes me and this has also been stopped.

He owes me 41.99 back pay per month and he hasnt paid this either.

I have looked into this and wether he is working or not he should be paying something for his children even on DHSS he would have to pay 5.00 each a week and i get nothing.

The last time this happened th CSA gave me payment of 50.00 as an apology because they hadnt checked this properly before stopping the payments and i still have not have anything to me since 27th Nov 2014.

He has told them his cirucmstances have changed and nothing has changed it is still like it was before i am will be taking this further if something isnt done.

He has lied again and i want him severly punishing for it. I would like some advise as to where i can go from here and who to complain to this will not be left i will be taking this further.


  • Bill says:

    Close your case with CSA. Wait thirteen weeks and open a case with the CMS. The CMS go straight to HMRC for income details. If he is not earning then there will be a nil assessment, if he is earning then they can complete an assesment. If he has to pay through them it will cost him an extra 20% and cost you £20 for the initial assessment and 7% of your maintenance each time it is paid.

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