How can I best provide for my son?

June 6, 2015

I have my son from Wednesdays after school meaning I finish work at 3 to pick him up then take him home at 6 to 7 o’clock on the night. I also pick him up Friday from school me finishing work hour n half early again.

His with me then till Sunday about 5. I’m currently paying £60 a week that iv been paying now about a year and she’s always refusing to supply me with any cloths , she also climes all child bennifits . I feel I have him 3 and half days in the week so should I be paying csa?

When I pick him up Friday his in school uniform so when he gos home Sunday in cloths iv got him I never see them cloths again. The trainers for school are 2 sizes to small and the trousers are what I got him 2 years ago so the £60 a week iv been paying is not being used on him I really need some advice or help I love my son she’s always been the one stopping me having him just to get the money.

Iv easy spent ten grand in court costs and solicitors but it’s not getting me anywhere. I’m very emotional from all this as my son crys to always want to see or stop with me more.


  • lisa says:

    You have shared care so why haven’t you sent the court order to csa to show this so your payments are reduced

  • paul mattox says:

    They sent me a letter saying why have I stopped csa and they would start doing pay n collect in 14 days. last month I used every last bit of money to my name and lent £1000 off my dad for courts so when money for csa could not come out my ex strait away got on the phone to them and I had a letter saying iv not paid for weeks? It had been 3 days . Lucky I got paper work from my bank saying it’s been paid. I rang and explained I want it reviewing before I pay again or asked do I need to pay them and they told me it gos off the nights i have him not time i spend with him but the way it is now she only has to feed n bath him n get him to bed by half 7 also that it’s not there problem if she’s not supplying cloths altho she is supposed to n told me to take it back to court but I can’t afford to , its me doing the hard work n i feel I’m spending on him twice n his losing out on money I used to put a side for him when his older .i even feed him Wednesdays .Iv sent court arrangements and a lot of other things to csa to get csa down like wages slips as they reckon I earn 30+ grand a year that was last year but that was loads of over time( not garnered plus it was to get a house, i used to get travel money , condition money , out allowance and other things. so it made it look more than I actually had. I can’t see me sending all that court stuff to them will help but worth a try. My son is only 4 and I can see the next 15 years being he’ll for me 🙁

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