How can I be expected to pay half my salary to the CSA?

April 2, 2013

I am writing in reference to my account and the arrears that have incurred in excess of over a thousand pounds. I have been to my local Citizens Advice Bureau and been advised to contest this. Basically these arrears have come about due to me going on long term sick pay due to depression, acute stress and anxiety.

The dates I went onto sick pay were from January 2011 untill June 27th 2012, when I gained full time employment with Carcraft.

Myself and the local C.A.B advisor cannot understand how whilst I was only on a paltry sum of around £62 a week , the C.S.A are saying that I was still liable to paying at the time , I think around £120 a month. According to government guidelines this is well below the set figure set aside with any benefit payment for a British citizen to legally live on.Also the government stae there is a flat rate of £5 per week of anyone who is on benefits to pay the CSA.

When I phoned your offices, I was told by the advisor that I should have informed yourselves that I was going onto the sick.

As you can appreciate at the time I was going through a tough personal crisis and this was what lead me onto a breakdown consequently leading onto the aforementioned depression and acute stress. I was under the local doctor who prescribed my anti-depressants. I did not for one minute think I needed to inform the local CSA office of this as I was on an attachment of earnings and thought it would be obvious as this would have ceased to be paid. Obviously I was wrong.

I have attached a statement highlighting dates and areas that I am appealing against. Also I am attaching a means form to highlight my expenditures.

Now that once again an attachment of earnings has commenced this has left my family and I in a severe financial situation. We have fallen a month behind on the rent and are in a real possibility of eviction.

If I were an absent father I could understand, but on the contrary I have my daughter Caitlyn Watkiss three days a week . This includes school runs, school dinners etc. Also I pay for school outings and uniforms. I am appealing against the arrears only and ask you to freeze the extra money I am paying, and not the £18 a week that I am liable for, whilst this is properly looked into, and I am asking for the money paid to be immediately paid back into the given bank account, otherwise my family and I are in real danger of becoming homeless.

Please respond within 7 days or I will have no alternative but to take matters further and seek proper legal advice and representation.

Yours Sincerely

Gareth Watkiss


  • carol says:

    I hope you win your case, you have clearly been through enough.

    I have to share something that disturbed me to my very core. I was at my soul bro’s with a friend this weekend, and we are all in hardship in some way or other (ie bedroom tax/housing benefit cuts/ council tax cuts) basically we are facing homelessness.

    I then got a vision….of Cameron,….he was a slithering, serpant like demon creature that was making me feel sick, and made me realise we are ALL spiritually fighting this evil entity and their agents, such as the CSA.

    They want us dead, its that simple. But they want to savour doing it.

    Think I am a nut?? hmmm yeah it is a lot to take in, but then look at the way disable and sick are treated in this cuntry….look at how many severely ill people are signed off fit for work by ATOS sanctioned by our loving dictators. Why is it so hard to believe what I say when you go to look at your pay slip and see more than half of your wages going to the government,

    THEY ARE LOVING IT….they loving objectifying women and breaking down men, they are relishing in our despair and turning us all against each other….which is ok, because once the low earners/claimants are dealt with…they will go after the middle class, the ones who championed the CSA and ATOS to get those ‘scum sorted’ We are ALL scum if we are not elite blood, in the eyes of the powerful few. .

    I hope we can keep our spirit, if they DEO that, then they have won….

  • Lisa says:

    I think you need to make a complaint about this, im assuming this was suppost to go to CSA, good luck i hope you get things sorted soon,

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