How can CSA even take any money?

August 2, 2014

I split up with my ex when my little girl was a baby,i paid weekly payment of £40 a week which when i picked up my girl every week end she had in cash also bought clothes nppys etc.

Ex decided to take it up on her self that i wasn’t going to see her no more,after getting arse on because i had to work one weekend in which she didn’t receive any money,this women is on benefits coming out of her arse i.e child,housing,ctax paid disability allowance foe her so called m.e lol (night club every weekend on amphetamine and ale?? ) not bad to say her m.e is bad a?

I took her to court and after 12 month of this i eventually got to see my daughter again during this time i stopped csa to pay the court costs,i also started a new job which then csa decided to take from my wages 560 amonth out of 1520 till i payed arrears.

Eventually it was brought down and i rang to say i had my daughter over night on a weekend,to which they replied your ex says you don’t? Fair? No she should be locked up for lieing to csa and hmr customs.

Ive met a nee partner who i married and i am now a self employed contractor just started out amonth ago not earnt a penny yet,but ha ho vsa letter want 52 week? Hold on ive not made any money yet mr csa?

When you have earnt money you will pay arrears again? Wtf I lost a friend because of this shit,took his house,wages to the point he was not eating properly and he was ashamed and distraught that he couldn’t buy his child anything.he took his life, my mum left me when i was a baby left my dad in the shit he fetched me up with my nan I’m now 29 where’s my csa for my dad from birth to 18?